About us

The Longmont and Boulder Valley conservation Districts are two of 76 conservation districts in Colorado. Partnerships with the Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Colorado State Conservation Board allow conservation districts to offer technical and financial assistance to private landowners addressing natural resource concerns on all land uses.

Our History

In the early 1930s the United States experienced an unparalleled ecological disaster know as the Dust Bowl. Severe, sustained drought in the Great Plains caused soil erosion and huge dust storms.

The Boulder Valley and Longmont Conservation Districts were created out of the dust bowl era to champion locally-led natural resources conservation. Originally, the main priority of conservation districts was to protect against soil erosion and minimize the chances of another dust bowl.

Conservation Districts help landowners and operators develop conservation plans which include grazing and cropping systems, irrigation water management, rangeland improvements and forest health. In order to protect our ecosystem, the Longmont and Boulder Valley Conservation Districts strive to protect all natural resources for generations to come.

District Staff

District Manager


Conservation District Forester

District Conservation Technician

Jayden Imes

Med Sage Field Coordinator

Our Board Members

Monthly Meetings

All Board of Supervisors meetings are open to the public.

Longmont Conservation District board meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month.

Next meeting: February 9, 2021

Boulder Valley Conservation District board meetings are typically held on the second Monday of each month.

Next meeting: Tuesday February 9 , 2021

Longmont Supervisors

The Longmont Conservation District has a five-member Board of Supervisors.

  • Anne Hansen, President

  • Julius Van Thuyne Jr., Vice President

  • Mike Rademacher, Secretary/Treasurer

  • Rich Koopmann, Supervisor

  • Wyatt Barnes, Supervisor

Associate Supervisors

  • Dean Loukonen

  • John Sekich

Boulder Valley Supervisors

The Boulder Valley Conservation District has a five-member Board of Supervisors.

  • Dan Lisco, President

  • Keith Bateman, Vice President

  • Scott Miller, Secretary/Treasurer

  • Arlene Penner, Supervisor

  • Robert Clyncke, Supervisor